Wallcreo® Concrete

The authentic industrial appearance of Wallcreo® Concrete cladding stands out thanks to the details of the concrete and the structure of the cladding. Its advantages include large format, light weight, flexibility and easy installation. Realize 100 m2 of space in one day.

Wallcreo material concrete


Features of
Wallcreo® Concrete

Authentic look

The capture of the details of the formwork is so accurate that they are difficult to distinguish from real concrete.


We offer Wallcreo® Concrete is available in dimensions of 3000×600 and 3000×1200 mm (width × height).

Natural material

Wallcreo® Concrete consists of 75% stone dust and 25% modified clay.

Lower price

Material with a thickness of 3-6 mm enables a simpler, faster work process and significant cost savings.


With a thickness of 3-6 mm, our material is flexible and pliable, making it an ideal choice for a variety of projects.

Simple installation

Wallcreo® Concrete is a large-format wall covering that you can use 100 m² of space in one day.

Wallcreo materiál betón
Wallcreo materiál betón
Wallcreo materiál betón
Wallcreo materiál betón

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