The Wallcreo® Stone Series offers the advantages of large format, low weight, flexibility and malleability

Wallcreo® Stone guarantees convenient and less time-consuming installation compared to natural stone and lower costs for transportation.

wallcreo travertine material interior


Low material weight

The Wallcreo® Stone Series with a thickness of 3-6 mm weighs only ⅛ the weight of natural stone, which effectively simplifies the work and brings savings of up to 90% of transport costs.

WallCreo use of material in design interior


Material flexibility

Wallcreo® Stone Series of tiles made of natural materials are composed of 75% stone dust and 25% modified clay. The material is bonded with a mesh and allows for flexibility and bending. It opens up wide possibilities when designing interiors.

WallCreo use of material in luxury interior


Hight material strenght

The extraordinary tensile strength and resistance to crushing have significantly increased the functionality of the Wallcreo® Stone Series.

WallCreo use material in modern interior


The Wallcreo® Stone Series opens up wide possibilities for interior design

Our innovative range of products brings the luxurious look of stone in a natural and affordable way.

Product quality

The material imitates natural stone, concrete or earth sediment as faithfully as possible, therefore there may be color differences between individual series. Do not combine individual orders with each other.

Non-duplicate textures

The textures of the Wallcreo® Stone Series are produced with regard to the most faithful imitation of natural materials, therefore the textures are not repeated. Each part has an original texture, structure.

Thickness of material

In order to achieve the most faithful imitation of natural materials, the facing panel has a variable thickness over the entire surface in the range specified in the product description.

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