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Below you will find questions and answers that will help you get a better idea of our materials and assembly.

samples travertine material
What is the possibility of delivery of the goods?

Our goods are delivered by contracted courier companies according to the volume of the order.

How are the delivered goods packed?

The material is packed in wooden boxes, transported by vans with a platform or by an extension arm, according to the ordered material format. Transport means the bringing of the vehicle in front of the addressee's property and the assistance of the driver in unloading the ordered goods from the vehicle – the active assistance of the customer or a person authorized by him is a must. The driver will help unload the goods from the van (truck), but will not take part in the relationship to the addressee's property or its delivery.

Can I come and pick up the goods in person?

No, the products cannot be picked up by person. We deliver them with contracted freight and courier companies.

What is the payment option for the goods?

A 70% deposit is paid for the goods when ordering, the remaining 30% upon delivery of the goods.

What is the minimum purchase?

Products of the Wallcreo® Stone Series can be ordered from 30m².

When will the ordered goods be delivered?

The delivery time depends on the ordered quantity and the current capacity of the manufacturer. Before ordering, we will inform you about the expected delivery date.

Can the product be used outdoors?

The Wallcreo® Stone series material is intended for interior use.

How does the installation work?

The procedure is the same as when installing paving or ceramic tiles.

Do you also provide assembly of the product?

We currently do not provide this service.

What is the price of the goods?

We approach pricing individually, the quote will be processed within 24 hours from the request.

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